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- Cyprus Airways Engineering & Maintenance Hangar in Larnaca Airport

  Year: 1989-1991

  Area: 3660 sq.m

- Cyprus Airways Catering Unit in Larnaca Airport (redesign, extensions,   refurbishments)

  Year: 1984-2003

- Cyprus Airways Bonded Store in Larnaca Airport

  Year: 2001-2002

- Cyprus Airways Offices in Larnaca Airport

  Year: 1984-1988

- Refurbishment of Cyprus Airways Offices in Athens

  Year: 2001

- Refurbishment of Cyprus Airways Head Office in Nicosia

  Year: 2009

- Eurocypria Airlines Offices & Warehouses in Larnaca Airport

  Year: 1993-1994

- Aircraft and Helicopter Maintenance Hangars in "Andreas Papandreou Air      Military Base" in Paphos

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