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“Two generations of Architectural Excellence.”


Petevis and Georgiades Associates Technical Office was established in 1975 by Dinos  Petevis and Kriton Georgiades.


The office offers comprehensive services in the design and supervision of buildings, covering all aspects of the work, namely Architecture, Structural design, Supervision, Cost control, Valuations of work carried out and Contract / Project Management.


However, for very complex buildings and/or where the nature of the project requires it, the services of Specialist Consultants are employed. The firm works closely with practices specializing in the design / supervision of Mechanical / Air conditioning Installation Services, Electrical Installation Services, Lanscape and Interior Design, etc.


Where more precise cost control is required at the initial planning stage and/or during the construction of the works, the services of Quantity Surveyors are employed. 


In 1993, Erica Petevi and Monica Petevi joined the firm as Architects/Designers.


Petevis and Georgiades Associates together with the specialist Consultant firms form a formidable group able to handle efficiently multimillion-euro contracts both in Cyprus and abroad.

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